Lendify connects borrowers with investors

Since 2014 we have lent more than 2 billion SEK to borrowers. We are Sweden's largest online marketplace for peer to peer lending. Our marketplace provides borrowers access to personal loans with better terms, and investors access to consumer credit to diversify their investment portfolios, and earn competitive returns. In 2017 Lendify was appointed one of the world’s 100 leading fintech innovators by KPMG, as one out of three Swedish companies together with Klarna and iZettle, read the report.
SIX 30
Swedish money market funds
The return depends, among other things, on the borrowers' credit ratings and the payback period of the loans. Investors carry the credit risk and are not covered by the Swedish government deposit guarantee (statliga insättningsgarantin). The return is calculated as the average of all investors' return (after fees) divided by their total lending at the end of the current month.

Solid returns for investors

There are other options than savings account with little or no interest, and the unpredictable stock market. Lendify makes it possible to utilize the business model of traditional banks by investing capital in personal loans for creditworthy borrowers. We offer an established type of asset with stable history and predictable credit losses.

A new type of loan for borrowers

By cutting out the middle men and bypassing many of the traditional banking costs Lendify can provide great rates for borrowers. We offer completely digital application process, which is fast, transparent and flexible. We also offer our unique loyalty program Lendify Rewards which lowers the borrower's interest rate when paying back on time.

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